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New Concept and Prototype II

Reconceptualise the Printer

After the christmas holiday, we decided to change the concept since the product was near to done and we did not think that it had any potential to expand further. There was another brainstorming session: we walked around the Toni Areal to get some ideas what we could do. On the roof, we did a rough sketch of an idea. 2015-01-06 15.10.06 We decided to do a text adventure which integrates the infrastructure of the Toni Areal. Because we only have two printers, we thought to take only one printer and place it in the middle of the 5th cascade. To make this text adventure work, we decided to go for barcodes. The story that gets printed out has a barcode on it and due to the story, the player/protagonist would have to walk around the Toni Areal to retrieve barcodes. He/she would then have to scan the both of the barcodes (one from the previous storyline and the other from the location he went to) and the next storyline would be printed. This continues until the player finishes the story or has a game over.  

Prototype II

We had to hurry since time was running out and there was only one and a half weeks left to deadline. Due to time restrictions, we split up the work to be more efficient: Robert: (Re-)Programming the Printer This step was tricky because the printer has to print out the story and the barcodes. Making the barcodes coordinate so that the story would continue in order was a challenge. There were a few obstacles that stood in the way due to the text of the story (the printer/code would not print anything if the text was too long so this needed a bit of coordination with writing the text adventure). Matthias: Building the Case for the Printer and Buttons This procedure took some planning and we had to integrate the barcode scanner into the construction. May: Writing the Text Adventure Story  This part of the work was quite complicated as it took a lot of planning and thinking. Thinking up a story was not too easy and making the different paths/endings made it more complicated. It also took some coordination with the programming as mentioned before. Story PDF: Richard the Detective 2015-01-07 15.15.58   2015-01-07 15.02.35   DSC05728 DSC_8250