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Concept (xenobioticµm)

Download Presentation (Background should be white.)
After the discussion with Lecturer Max Reihner during the vacations, it became clear that the main issue with the first topic idea to visualizing people movements and ambient changes will be hard to permute. The bigest issue in this context was to achieve the needed data by sensors etc.First of all it would be awkward to get an permission to place sensors in the City apart from that it would certainly also be an question of data privacy. In addition to the above-quoted scores this would also generate uncertain financial risks. The Mentor also mentioned concerns about the security of the sensors itself. Vandalism is an point not to be sneezed at. It would be a Bummer if the Project would Fail because of the damage of  the Sensors. So i left this idea and went on in the same field of data visualisation but with another approach. I had different ideas of a new-orientation but after the talk with Max After days spending on evaluation i finally came up with the new topic of data visualisation with the context of Air Pollution. The first attempt with the air pollution topic was to visualize data from different metering stations all over the country but during the research process and talks i also thought on a service for a certain target audience: Allergic persons. First, i named it airReplay but i changed the name during the hole research to xenobioticµm. A xenobiotic is a chemical substance which is found in an organism but which is not normally produced or expected to be present in. (wikipedia)
I started the concept development process with some sketches and mapps to find out about my group of interest and to learn more about my topic.
I also listed my first concept-video relating to the generativeStream topic. it was meant to show how i was dealing with the idea of visualizing people movements and ambient changes in the city. The deeper reason to do this was the possibility to disclose movements which i also called streams.