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Prototype (ArmCoach)

Prototype Video

This video shows our bracelet prototype 3 we developed for the user-testing.
Patients' Application (First prototype for user testing) Therapists' Application (First prototype for user testing)


Lately a company published a bracelet reminder for reminding to drink water. To learn about how it is to live with a reminder at the wrist we decided to perform a self-test with that bracelet. Prototype 0
At the beginning of hardware developement we looked at the accelerometer and gyroscope data outputs from ipod. We needed to see how those data react to movement.
Senso Monitor App Prototype 1
This testing was to compare those two input elements (3axis accelerometer & 2axis gyroscope) if we need both in our prototype. After evaluation we found out that we just need the accelerometer to detect movement.
Below you see the values (averaged each 2 seconds). If they are higher than the given threshold (more than 3), a movement point is added. Application written in Processing. Microprocessor: Arduino nano. 6 Recorded ADL Prototype 2
Here we tested our output-modules: 1x vibration module (tactile reminder), 1x small speaker (auditory reminder), 1x LED-bar (visual daily progress and daily goal with 21 LED segments), 1x button (bracelet on/off). Prototype 3
After discussion with therapists and patients we brought all the parts together in one prototype. We will use this version for usability testing. It was important that it is robust, small and easy to wear at the arm.

In the code it's important that we can adjust multiple values to have the possibility to test various bracelet settings.

Desktop Application

We built our screen prototype in ActionScript 3 for to evaluate the functions and the look.

Concept Improvement

We need to evaluate if our concept is accepted by all involved people (users and therapists). It is important to elaborate and focus to all parts of the “Arm Coach” concept. For that we met all those people and discussed our defined basic concept. For each interview partner (users, therapists and scientists) we prepared important questions where we need further information so they can respond with their specific knowledge.