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Experience (ArmCoach)

"Arm Coach" Concept

"Arm Coach" Concept .pdf ____________________________________________________________________________________

Developing the Concept

Brainstorming To create as many drafts as possible we gave our ideas no restrictions. Each idea was drafted on a notepad with one or two descriptive sentences. After around fifty sketches and several discussions we assorted them in topics as “support”, “no choice” and “fun”. In each of those topics we created sub-categories to get an overview of all those rough ideas.

Organize Ideas in a Diagram

Following we needed to uncover important patterns out of all this sketches for help to decide our direction. To order this richness of ideas we created a two axes diagram. The first axis includes the given topics. The second axis is divided in social aspects from alone to friends to society. In this diagram we demonstrate the three most important findings for longtime motivation from our context inquiry. We discovered, that sector society/force is a field which is hard to create something acceptable. The single idea there was an object which unpleasantly exposes the user in society when he takes his healthy arm away from his back (to force him using the impaired arm). We also figured out that the greatest promising ideas are left-centered in the diagram, because they reach a huge spectrum of individual users. Also they have a good compound between the important influences for longtime motivation (no choice, supportive assisting training and showing progress). An interesting area is definitely the social network for impaired people, especially because almost everyone is very enthusiastic about self-help groups where they can forget about their limitations. In the top of the diagram we placed the playful ideas. The difficulty there is to create a game concept which is based on their interests. Otherwise it would not be accepted from most people.

Re-Habit "Concept Presentation 1"