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01 Concept (Ventana)

During the last two weeks we worked on the topic of our Bachelor project. The final presentation had to be a video which should show the problem we try to solve or work on during our Bachelor project. At the beginning of the research and ideas collection phase, I have been working in different areas. I asked my self what am I interested in and why. I came to the conclusion that my interests are mostyl over different types of technologies. On the other hand I‘m very interessted in sustainability and fair trade. During the concept generating part I wrote down all the ideas I had in the technologies and fair trade field. In the technological field Kinect is clearly the most interesting technology because it‘s one of the technology I see the most potential for the future in it. This is mainly because I believe Kinect also makes sense for other areas then games. In technologies such as Kinect it‘s hard to find useful examples. One of the most popular examples in such systems are scaling and rotating of photos in a way we know from countless mulitouch applications. But there must be more. I asked myself the question, how can you control with gestures meaningful applications. Such as video players. How could statistics and charts be served and controlled. How does one deal with such an interface with text? What is the advantage of a spatial operation? In my Bachelor Project I want to find useful gestures for handling different kind of data. In most technology-driven projects there is a lack of content. In my research on sustainability and Fair Trade I've met Christoph Innauen. He works for Halba Chocolate as a sustainability expert. Through him, I could get to high-quality data. The type of data I will get and how it will use it is something I don‘t know yet. I think building and application with and interessting content will be more fun to use. But said that, I will not focuse on the Fair Trade and sustainability part and only use one aspect of it to proof my concept. The field is interessting because we all read a lot about it but hardly nobody understand what it means.