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Prototype (xenobioticµm)

Prototype Presentation Building a usable mobile app prototype was hardly to do before not knowing about the user interactions possibilities. I made only a few programming tests. Regarding the right developement platform who match my needs. I changed the Plattform from Adobe Flash Builder to the main Android developing platform, Eclipse with Android SDK. After this decision i had to refinine my concept. Therefore i took a little tour through the first wireframe in the presentation. It was just a basic idea of interactions inside the mobile application. A video from the swiss television archive about agressive pollen in the city (Zurich). That's a good start to bring the pollen-problematics in mind for those who are not affected. Beitrag 10vor10 vom 18.04.2011 (Agressive Stadtpollen)

Desktop Prototype.

During this process, i had also the oppurtunity to talk with a doktor about his expiriences in his professional life. For this purpose i made a little Flash Prototype. The Question was if i could extend my project to a "doktor-included" service. But after the talk it was clear that it would be interesting but it would take me to far for this project. Take a tour with the desktop prototype

State of affairs.

Now, the main part of the application has two circle elements. the inner circle displays the momentary air pollution data on a specified substance. the red section shows the formal boundary value. On the outer ring, personal settings takes place. That means, that the settings made on the outer circle can be used as an alarm methode. Often People doesen't know their critical area regarding a certain substance. So with this setting alternative, the user is able to explore also just out for interest.

This input / data obtain system, needs to be improved again. So a few changes on user focus will happen this week —  or maybe also a complete change like these paper prototypes: