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Service Technologies (Gruppe 2)

Service Technologies

At our current stage we have implemented a rudimentary 1to1 messaging service. In our presentation, we we able to send text and/or pictures to a second user. GPS tracking is also integrated but does not yet merge with our idea of sending localized messages.   We created a flow chart for the messaging part to see if it could help us in having an overview of what needed to be implemented or considered. At the same time, it gives us a degree of standardization for certain processes. In a further step, we took a deck of cards as a metaphor for our graphical user interface (GUI) which had a positive resonance on the mentors.
  • One card (stack) would define the incoming questions.
  • A second card (stack) would show all your answered questions.
  • A third card (stack) may show all your questions currently in circulation.
This can also include physical metaphors such as swiping, card flipping, spreading etc.


Several points should be reflected upon:
  • Should there be some kind of  answer to the response -a 3-way messaging instead of the profile version?
  • Could there be some kind of "level-up"? When a message session is  finished -what then? Could therefore some kind of anonymity be reduced in a second stage?
  • Should it be possible to be able to send to more than one anonymous user to accelerate the response time?