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Energy Awareness (Riccardo Lardi)


With my project I want to approach the subject of energy awareness and consumption in a way that incorporates Interaction Design as well as Object Design. I'd like to focus on reflection, education and also provocation.


Todays energy consumption is driven by unconsciousness. Most devices and machines don't give any feedback on how much or even if they use any energy. It's a laisser faire situation. And, to be honest, I think that's one main reason why most people don't give a f*** on how much energy they use and how their energy usage relates to their environment. I believe that a whole lot of this unaware usage culture is caused by simple not knowing of and/or not being exposed to ones energy usage. I think we can make people think more about their energy consumption (and so maybe make them reduce it to some reasonable extent) if we manage to make energy more evident in our everyday lives. « I don't want to make people use less energy in first place. I want to make people know better about how much energy they use and how that relates to their surroundings/environment. »


I am strongly inspired by things/artefacts/applications which give people the possibility to experience energy (mostly electricity) in some new, unknown, transformed way. I am convinced that designed translation from our known kind of energy (invisible, immaterial flow of something out of the wall through cables into devices and stuff...) to some new manifestation of energy can lead to a more conscious, more direct and better understanding of this "hard to grasp" thing called energy. Some inspirational work: Power Aware Cord Energy Aware Clock Aware Puzzle Switch Share Aware Lights Haque Natural Fuses Enerjar


I would like to work with objects, materials, both natural and artificial. I'd like to express aesthetics through the manifestation of energy/through these objects. Also I'd like to work within the field of embedded/physical computing.
  • Visualization, materialization and/or sonification
  • Direct feedback
  • Critical Design
  • Provocation
  • Internet Of Things
  • "Intelligent" energy
  • Everyday consumption
More information: http://energyinyourface.tumblr.com